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Yoga to make you feel good!

Mantra & Movement: lift your voice, move your body, elevate your mood

Every Monday night 7:30PM - 8:30PM New Milton Community Centre, Osborne Rd, New Milton, BH25 6EA  Call 07943002383

Want to feel connected? Want to feel radiant?
Well come with me on an exciting yoga journey that will tune you into your inner joy!
Each of us has our own unique voice - no singing ability required! - my classes draw on ancient chants from across yogic traditions designed to amplify and elevate your vibration. This is the perfect class for anyone new to yoga as we work with many variations of movement each focused on your own body and energy flow. Come and hear just how beautiful you are!

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Why Mantra & Movement?

Unlike a song where the words just have meaning, in a chant - or Mantra - every sound has a vibrational frequency designed to act positively in both mind and body. Sharing our voices in Mantra allows us each to add our own unique tone; not only will you get the benefits but you'll get to send the good vibes out there too! 

What to Expect at Mantra & Movement

  • we'll chant - learning and chanting a mantra together, our breath will naturally energise or calm us.

  • we'll move - repeating sequences to form a moving meditation allowing us to truly inhabit our bodies, or raising our energy with a 60 second 'go for it' action

  • we'll relax - let everything sink in, I'll share a guided meditation with you then you can lie back and rest in savasana  

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